Amy Allan Wiki-Bio shows leaving The Dead Files. Her net worth, husband, and kids. (2023)

Amy Allan has had a long history with the paranormal. The leading cast member of the reality TV series Dead Files, Amy’s first brush with what she calls shadow people was when she was four years of age. This happened in her parent’s home in Arvada, Colorado. Unlike most of the other four-year-olds who would be scared and would want nothing to do with the supernatural, Amy consciously started searching for them. In the years that followed, Amy developed her skills as a medium and paranormal investigator. Today, Amy is one of the top authorities in everything paranormal. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Amy Allan.

Who indeed is Amy Allan?

Amy Allan is a paranormal investigator and one of the co-hosts & executive producer of the television show “The Dead Files.” Amy Allan is an American Television personality, paranormal investigator & physical medium who claims to communicate with the dead. She is best known for co-hosting Travel Channel’s paranormal television series ‘The Dead Files’ where she has also served as executive producer. She has also worked as a consultant for other TV shows and studied alternative healing methods. As of 2023. Amy Allan has a net worth of USD $2.4 M.

Amy Allan Wiki-Bio shows leaving The Dead Files. Her net worth, husband, and kids. (1)

Early Life:

Amy Allan was born on May 31, 1973, in Denver, Colorado, United States. Amy’s interest in the paranormal started when she was tormented by the shadow people at four years of age. She did not fully understand what was going on until she was in her 20s when she learned the terminology and application of her abilities. Amy would consume any material made on paranormal encounters including books, movies, and many more. After graduating from her local high school, Amy moved to Arizona to study at The University of Arizona. She graduated with a degree in psychology and continued to informally study religion, sociology, sleep, and sleep disorders. During her time at the university, Amy was mentored by the world-renowned parapsychologist William Roll. She also studied various forms of alternative healing.

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Profession as a medium:

While Amy is well-known in the supernatural communities she has explained that she likes to make a distinction between a medium and a psychic. A medium is someone who only works with the dead, while a psychic can know things about the past, present and possible future. On her method as a medium, she says she does not look for ghosts specifically but rather communicates with spirits to find out insight into past events. In her career as a medium, Amy has worked on more than 350 cases and has faced her share of challenges and scariest moments, such as being physically attacked, being caught off guard, being followed home and being jumped out of the closet by a spirit dressed like a ghost.

Her abilities have often been called into action by leading para-psychologists who wanted to study her abilities. Over the years, Amy has worked with fellow para-psychologists and police officers. She has also worked with a forensic sketch artist to draw images that she claims to witness. Allan frequently contributed to private and police investigations using her extraordinary abilities before she was approached by screenwriter Jim Casey, who created and executive produced The Dead Files. The show premiered on September 23, 2011, on Travel Channel and moved to Discovery+ in 2021.

Television career:

Amy achieved worldwide fame following her numerous appearances in the reality TV series, “The Dead Files.” The series features the adventures of Amy Allan and Steve DiSchiavi, who is a retired homicide detective with more than 20 years of experience. As a medium, Amy often lets spirits inhabit her body and attempts to find out the reason for their death. On the other hand, her partner Steve DiSchiavi talks with the living to find traces of physiological evidence to better solve the problem at hand. The series paints the obvious difference between the world of the supernatural and the world of the living. When Amy and her partner come together to discuss the findings, the differences are never subtle.

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Amy Allan Wiki-Bio shows leaving The Dead Files. Her net worth, husband, and kids. (2)

In addition to her work on Travel Channel, Amy has also made notable appearances and worked as a consultant on several other television channels including CBS, TLC, and Discovery. She also worked as an alternative healer such as in acupuncture, Asian medicine, western massage, Thai yoga massage, and Zen shiatsu.

Leaving Dead Files:

Amy Allan has appeared in over 200 episodes of The Dead Files since its inception in 2011. In years of work on the series, she has revealed some of her favorite episodes such as the one she and Dischavi investigated an old plantation house in Louisiana that had a lot of history and activity. She also has gone on to say hoping that the show helps people understand more about the paranormal world and how it affects them. On “What’s it like to work with Steve on The Dead Files?,” Allan went on to say she enjoys working with DiSchiavi, who has a way of making everyone laugh and joke. She says they have a good rapport and respect for each other’s work. However, Amy will be leaving the show after season 15, which will premiere on June 1, 2023. She will be replaced by psychic medium Cindy Kaza, who will join DiSchiavi in solving unexplained cases.Allan has decided to step down for a personal break after years of doing this intense work. She has been a dedicated partner to DiSchiavi and a fundamental part of the team. Allan’s final episode will air on Thursday, June 29th on Travel Channel.

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Social Media:

Amy Allan has a social media presence on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.She has 114k followers on Instagram, where she posts photos and videos of herself, her animals, her travels and her work. She has 178k followers on Facebook, where she shares updates and news about her life and career. She has 127k followers on Twitter, where she interacts with her fans and posts behind-the-scenes content.

Personal Life

Two Marriage and a Divorce:

Amy is currently married to Rob Traegler. The pair met on the set of, The Dead Files, and were soon dating. On November 16, 2017, Amy shared an Instagram post of a vacation with Rob and wrote ” My wonderful trip💖💖💖💖” and also shared several photos, and in one she was seen sporting a diamond ring basically revealing her fiance. The pair exchanged wedding vows next year in 2018.

Amy Allan Wiki-Bio shows leaving The Dead Files. Her net worth, husband, and kids. (3)

While Amy’s job needs her to be in front of the camera, Rob enjoys the behind the scene role and works as a producer and director. Over the years, Rob has worked on several projects including Pretty Hurts, The Dead Files, and Mysteries & Scandals. In the years of togetherness as a married couple, Amy and Rob do not have kids of their own. They live in Los Angeles, California. However, this is not the first time Amy tied the knot she was previously married to Matthew Anderson. Amy and Matthew met in college and started as friends. After dating for some years, the pair took a leap into marriage. Matthew also assisted her in paranormal activities and followed her in the reality television world. Matthew appeared in “The Dead Files” from 2011 – 2016 gaining 111 episodes of television credit. Even though Matthew and Amy separated in 2012 with the divorce finalizing in 2013, the pair did not let their personal difference let in the way of their work. The pair continued as a co-cast member until Matthew left the show in 2016. He is currently married to Jill Murelli, the pair performed their nuptials in 2021.

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Amy Allan Wiki-Bio shows leaving The Dead Files. Her net worth, husband, and kids. (4)


Psychic ability runs in the family with both of Amy’s parents being able to act as a medium. Her mother is a telepathic medium who can communicate even away from the location of the paranormal activity. Meanwhile, her father is a physical medium who served the United States in the Vietnam War.

Physical traits:

Amy has Hazel Green eyes and dark brown hair which she likes to dye in different colors such as blonde, pink, golden and auburn red. She is about 5ft 7 ins (1.70cm) and weighs around 141 lbs (64kgs). She likes to wear mostly black and casual clothes like jackets, shirts, pants, boots and hats. She also accessorizes with black sunglasses, gloves and scarves. She sometimes adds a touch of color with a red or purple shirt or a patterned scarf. Her style reflects her personality as a paranormal investigator and a medium who deals with dark and mysterious forces.

Wiki/Bio Facts:

NameAmy Allan
Other NameAmy Traegler
Age50 years old
BirthdateMay 31, 1973
BirthplaceDenver, Colorado, United States
EducationUniversity of Arizona
College DegreePsychology
ProfessionTelevision personality, Psychic Medium, Paranormal Investigator
Net Worth$2.4 Million
Relationship StatusCommitted
Marital StatusMarried
Ex-husbandMatt Anderson (divorced- 2013)
HusbandRob Traegler (2018- present)
EyeHazel Green
HairDark Brown
Height5 feet 7 inches (around)
Social Media HandleTwitter,Instagram


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